Travel in a blink of an eye to a dimension where your soul will thrive.

Relax, re-energize and reinforce your mental health.



Life can feel like a race, a wheel that keeps on spinning and you're giving it all you've got. Soulscape is here to help you step out of that race and slow down your pace to figure out if you're still moving in the right direction. A unique combination of innovative and advanced technologies that are scietifically proven to help you reach the ultimate feeling of relaxation, from wherever you are. Soulscape is that 20 minute break in paradise, accessed in a blink of an eye. Take deep breaths in 360 natural surroundings, listen to soothing 3D music and binaural beats or a guided meditation that will take you on a path of personal growth. 


The unique recipe of Soulscape

Virtual Reality

VR makes it possible to bring you to the most astonishing hidden gems our planet has to offer and shut down the noise from your surroundings. 
You'll be right there for a moment to discover the scenery in 360.

Binaural Beats
3D Sound

Our 3D audio technology creates symfonies of binaural beats that help increase your level of relaxation. The depth of the sound will feel as if you are right there and bring you an immersive experience.

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Guided meditation

Starting a meditation practice isn't easy. We guide you along the way and take you on a journey of personal development that you can apply in your daily life.




We live in challenging, stressful times. Our environments are overstimulating us and we've reached an all time high in number of people suffering from mental illness. We are in desperate need of ways to ease our stress levels and find peace within. 

A lot of methods have proven to profoundly impact our mental health and Soulscape combines some of these methods in a very unique way.

Science agrees upon it: VR is a virtue to ease anxiety, stress, depression and PTSD. VR is therefore already used as a medical application and Soulscape wants to bring this amazing tool to a large audience all over the globe. We cooperate with universities and professionals to unfold its full potential and bring this tech to the next level.

Natural sceneries
Spending time in the outdoors might be the life elixer we've all been searching for. Natural sceneries reduce levels of cortisol (stress) and increase levels of endorphine and dopamine (happiness). It therefore alleviates depression and anxiety, lowers blood pressure and contributes to more overall happiness. Soulscape helps you instantly access this gift of Mother Nature by showing calming surroundings.

Meditation with binaural beats
Meditation is extremely powerful. The proven effects of it varies over lowering cortisol levels which translates to less stress and anxiety, pain relief, impoving emotional balance and sleep, gaining better self-awareness and so forth. But entering deep meditative levels require years of practice. The approach of Soulscape is therefore to guide you and support your practice with binaural beats that will stimulate brainwave patterns to gain the benefits for all levels of meditation practitioners. Even as a beginner, these beats will help you enter a deep state of trance. Our guided meditations are written to take you on a journey of personal development that will ensure a sustainable progress to release yourself of negative thoughts and blockages. 




The Soulscape roadmap is a summary of Soulscape app developments, which will be organized into different chapters. Each chapter is centered around a set of functionalities that will be delivered across multiple app releases.

Here you will find an overview of our goals as we set them as well as descriptions.

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